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Comfort Keepers Offers Housekeeping as Part of Non Medical Home Care Services in Plymouth, Canton, Dearborn, and Livonia, MI

Non medical home care services create a safe, clutter-free home for seniors in Plymouth

Seniors who want to continue living at home often need a little extra help with household chores. Normal chores can be challenging for seniors who have difficulty moving around, lifting heavy objects, climbing stairs, or certain illnesses. To minimize the risk of falls and at home injuries, which are among the most common causes of hospitalization in seniors, Comfort Keepers of Plymouth, MI offers non medical home care services can help your parent or senior loved one maintain their household and live in a safe, hazard-free environment.

A Clutter-Free Home is a Safer Home for Seniors

Cleaning up around the house will help prevent the spread of germs and build-up of dust that can make it difficult for seniors, many of whom have respiratory issues or allergies, to be comfortable at home. Seniors may find it difficult to clean some spots in their house like hard to reach areas behind appliances or furniture. That can result in bacteria accumulating and affecting your parent’s quality of life. To protect your senior loved one’s health home caregivers from Comfort Keepers of Plymouth pay attention to every corner of the home, keeping all rooms as clean as possible.

In home caregivers from Comfort Keepers can assist with vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors and dusting, as well as with kitchen and bathroom clean-ups and laundry. They can also wash the dishes, cook meals, and help with shopping and other tasks.

Comfort Keepers non medical home care services focus on senior safety, which is why our caregivers can make sure that the home stays clutter free to avoid tripping and falls.  This entails decluttering the house, rearranging small furniture such as coffee tables to make more space in rooms, and suggesting installing grab bars, handrails, and other devices as requested.

The Best Care for Seniors in Plymouth, MI

Some seniors enjoy cleaning their home and doing housework but just need a little extra support to do the heavy cleaning. Our Comfort Keepers caregivers will provide as much or as little support as your loved one needs. We know that staying active is important for seniors and will encourage them to stay as active as possible in keeping up their home.

For example, your loved one might want to perform minor household tasks such as organizing decorative items on tables or polishing silverware. If they are not in the mood to participate, our caregivers will engage them in enjoyable conversation while they are working, so housekeeping can become a fun activity your parent can look forward to.

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